So after a sulky day of rain and having to cancel my “Spring Fling” spring photo sessions with the baby chickens, my husband and I joined some good friends for birthday celebration.  A close golf buddy of my husband’s birthday was last weekend but we all got together for him tonight to celebrate his birthday.  We had dinner at a restaurant about 20 miles from where we live.  Mac and Bob’s has been around for years but for some unknown reason, I probably have eaten there only about three or four times in my life.


I recently posted about the “Emotional Concoction” and this is a sequel to that post, unfortunately.  I always have had nightmares of families who adopt children and have to end up giving them back.  Well, that nightmare came true for the couple that we met up with tonight.  They recently adopted a two-year-old young boy.  Now I must say I am unclear to the precise details but definitely wasn’t going to ask tonight.


We sat there enjoying dinner and talking and catching up some and I asked to see pictures of the little fella because I just knew they had them.  They have four other children and are wonderful parents, so I had to see him.  I knew he would have smiles and be so happy in the pictures.  And he was!  The most precious little thing.  Big ol’ brown eyes and a huge smile on his face, enjoying every minute of life.   I was telling them how cute he was and how exciting it must be.  So his “dad” walked down to chat with us, since we were sitting at the end of the table.  He sadly informed us that he thinks that the child’s aunt is coming to take care of him and that they will be losing him.


I almost couldn’t make it through dinner without the Kleenex.  My eyes felt like they were flooding and my heart was just dying for them.  I cannot imagine being so attached to a child and having to have someone come and take them out of my life.  I am all for families taking care of the children but it would have to be so hard to deal with.


My husband and I discussed it on the way home and I had told him how I had just written my blog the other day about how sad it would be and how difficult to have someone “take” the child from the adopting parents.  I told him I just didn’t think there would be any way that I could handle it.  I can only imagine what it would be like for someone who couldn’t have babies and had to adopt.  What if it were their only child?  I can’t imagine.


I thought then about the possibility of maybe having one child and then adopting a second.  I don’t think it would be any easier, though, even still having a child to have around.


My heart breaks for the two of them.  They are such a wonderful family and this newest addition would have made things perfect.  I know there are tons of people with tons of different feelings out there.   I just was devastated when I heard the news.



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