I must say that I think that sometimes I live life a little too much on the edge. In addition to the other blog I posted about not trying things on, well it brings something else to mind.

The day of my wedding, we all had our dresses and all the guys had their linen pants and shirts and we were all ready to rock and roll. I was getting a little stressed out because I had pretty much done everything for my entire wedding. I did everything from handmade party favors/thank you favors to the photography for our invitations to making the centerpieces. My parents disappeared due to some family circumstances mid-way through all the wedding stuff and needless to say, didn’t show up for the wedding. I will be posting a blog on that one because it is a story you WON’T believe.

So as we are getting ready, my bridesmaid Crystal was putting on her dress and asked me to zip it. I don’t think she had tried it on yet. (Remember, we don’t try things on!) I guess she got that wonderful habit from me. So she calls for me to zip her dress up and well, it wouldn’t zip. The causative factor for it not zipping was not the fact she had gained weight. The zipper was broke. What on earth were we going to do was all I could ask myself.

So she made some calls around to some of the local seamstresses and was able to get an appointment right up the road. So in the midst of her picking up our flowers, she had to run to get her dress fixed and do all of this other running, which we had not planned on having to do.

If I had it to do over, I probably would still pull the same trick but I previously said that one day something would come up for me to learn my lesson of not trying things on, so maybe this was it!




Now I am definitely a girl who looooves to shop. I mean LOVES to shop. Now over the past few years, I have slacked off on my wardrobe because we have been doing some upgrades to our home and I haven’t been as motivated.

I have a little story and a little confession. I HATE trying on clothes. I am one of those people that can pretty much tell if something is going to look like I would like it to, on the rack. Yes, on the rack. There have been some visits, though few and far between, that have been taken to return clothing that just didn’t work.

The amazing part to this story is the fact that I was recently married 09/10/11 (couldn’t resist the date!) and I got my bridal gown and was tickled to death with it. We had a beach theme wedding and our wedding colors were ivory, tan/beige, chocolate, cornflower and I wore royal blue wedding shoes, which by the way, I loved. Did I try on the shoes? Of course not. Did I try on the dress? Well absolutely not! I ordered it online.

The downside to this? Well now that I have terrified anyone and everyone probably out there getting married with such a crazy idea, for those who have this idea, make sure if you order it online that you give it plenty of time. I got it in time and everything was fine because I ordered it early enough. However, when I was putting the order in, it was the last one they had in my size. Scary stuff.

Now the bridesmaids’ dresses, they were all done online, too. Those were extenuating circumstances because I had a friend going through a real tough time strapped for cash and lived almost an hour away, another one that lived in Charleston and my close friend, we just were on opposite schedules. Everything worked out beautifully EXCEPT we almost didn’t get the dresses in time. They were literally having to call the other stores in the U.S. and have them shipped to a location where they could be picked up. One of them we even had to overnight but in the long run, it all turned out okay. I happened to be lucky and have some pretty laid-back bridesmaids, too. They weren’t worried about trying anything on with me or whatever, so it just suited the situation.

Surely one of these days, I will have a situation happen where “I’m not trying it on” is going to be a disturbing factor in that it could end up being a regret. In the meantime, I’m sticking with my gut thought and will pick it off the rack and head on home and put my new clothes on and be a happy girl.