I will let YOU be the judge.  Tonight I had decided I was done with the allergies.  I had to run out and deliver a CD from an album shoot I had last Friday and figured it would be best to go ahead and stop by the drug store while I was out.


In the past, I’ve had doubts on how well a generic prescription works.  I do still feel that generics do not work quite as well as a prescription.  Is it a matter of opinion?  Yes.  It doesn’t mean enough for me to spend hours on end researching it.  However, it did spark up quite a bit of conversation tonight and thought I’d share.


I usually try to share whenever I find a good deal or sale or even a cool idea.  When I stopped for allergy medicine, I knew what I wanted but when I found out what price I was going to get it for, there was definitely no changing my mind.  I usually buy the CVS brand Cetirizine.  Why?  I have tried every allergy medicine known to man, pretty much.  For the past several years, the only thing I have been able to get to work and fast, has been this product.


What was so cool about it was the fact it was buy one get one free and the bottles didn’t expire until 2013.  I bought the 30-count because that was the one that was on sale and I don’t usually need that many.  So, I got home and shared on social media and I had several people asking my thoughts on generics and name brands, etc.


I am curious to know what others have found and if anyone out there has had as good of luck as I with the medicine.   Again, could I spend hours looking for the answers to my questions?  Sure can but I like to talk and that’s just that!  And in a nutshell, it is the generic in this allergy medicine for me!!