I didn’t move around much as a child so I guess that is why when something finally feels like home, I’m settled.

I had always said as a little girl that I couldn’t WAIT until I was 18 and that I was moving out. I constantly told my mother this and she would reply, “Let me know and I will help you pack your bags”. I had a good home life and didn’t want for anything. I wasn’t really a “brat” but my parents made sure I had most of what I wanted. They taught me good ethics and how to work for what I wanted, also.

So off to college at the ripe age of 18 (barely) and in a new world. I went to a private college locally so I didn’t HAVE to move. I met my first roommate in college, however and she thought it would be a great idea for us to get a place to live together. I fell for it. Stupid me.

We had an awesome place that was huge. We only paid a little over $400 a month and definitely got our money’s worth. Time went on and I realized way after the fact that I had moved out too soon. I was young and dumb and didn’t make the best decisions. Plus, I had gotten an insurance settlement which was way too much for an 18-year-old to have.

My roommate of five years then gave me about a month’s notice saying she was going to be moving back home, which was miles and miles away. I at that point didn’t want a roommate and wasn’t going to have one. I then had a co-worker’s son who had the same precise situation happen and needed a roommate so I gave in. He ended up hitting my car and denying he did it, despite the burgundy paint on his truck bumper. But that’s another story. Needless to say, he wasn’t my roommate very long.

I then had one more roommate and then decided I was completely done with roommates. I am a really outgoing person and LOVE people but just not living with them. I liked having a place that if I cleaned it, it stayed clean. She moved out and my landlord then informed me (after living there 6 years, I think) that she was selling the place and was giving me my notice to vacate. I was devastated because it had become “home” for me. I then relocated, still on my own and lived there even longer than the place before. I had awesome neighbors and loved living there but then I got stuck with a not-so-pleasant downstairs neighbor and that made the situation not quite the one I wanted to be in.

I then met my now-husband and we got a place together, got engaged, then married. We now live in a home that just today I was thinking…”this just feels like home”. Everything has its place. Everything has come together. We have pretty much all we need. When it “just feels like home”, you know you are in the right place and in my case, with the right person. =)