I admit, I have been on a bit of a “fish kick” here lately. The new fish tank (well new fish) has me quite consumed. Like I have any extra time to be doing anything else :O

I had mentioned in an earlier blog about how I found out my black banded Leporinus would love peas. I tried it and it works. I honestly just witnessed it. I found out yesterday the ammonia in his tank is pretty high but Buzz has been through quite a lot so I know he will pull through. I took a water sample in for them to test and the guy who tested it said it looked like what he called “Mardi Gras” water. In theory, this means the water test shows purple, green, yellow-orange and I think the other was blue.

So I did his water change last night and am going to get him a heater for the tank so he will be much happier. They get tons of light because my upstairs where I have both tanks get so much light they recommended me closing some blinds and turning off the light on the tank. Have a tiny bit of algae bloom going on in the 65-gallon one but it will subside. The water test on it came out just about perfect, with the exception of the pH, which is common for everyone in Roanoke, Virginia.

Enjoying his new clear, less ammonic water, he looks so happy. Before heading out to dig up some dandelion “trees” that I have in my front yard, I figured it was time for Buzz’s daily dose of peas. I give them to him sometimes a couple times a day, just depending on how fast he eats them.

I know it sounds funny for a fish to be happy but when you go from eating all your neighbors to your own big tank, it is a much more ideal situation. Plus, I don’t lose my other fish babies. So when your black-banded Leporinus seems to be having a bad day, change the water and make him eat his peas!