I am not too sure how many people out there have fish tanks. BIG fish tanks. I happen to have bought a 65 gallon freshwater fish tank from one of my old bosses a few years ago. While I understood that fish tanks are quite a bit of work, I just could picture myself sitting on the couch, gazing at the fish, not realizing the work that would be involved.

The tank started out as a saltwater tank and was later converted to freshwater. It is absolutely beautiful and amazingly crafted but I sorta let it get out of hand. I had Pearl, Liberty, Favre (in favor of my husband’s football team at the time), Tigger, Clementine, Sucka (the pleco), Jaws and Buzz. Sadly, all of them were eaten by Buzz. I don’t remember all of the species but Tigger was a clown loach and Jaws, Liberty and Favre were all Australian Rainbows. I miss them terribly and it broke my heart because I thought it was me that was killing them and then Buzz was just eating them to rid the remains, as that is what some fish do.

I have since read that Buzz can be very aggressive. He is a black-banded Leporinus. I finally watched as the last fish disappeared (Sucka) and Buzz would peck away at him. I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do but finally one morning I woke and Sucka was gone, leaving nothing but Buzz and this huge tank.

I then later went and got more fish and went through the norm of getting them adapted to a new tank. Again, all fish were devoured. I again thought it was something I was doing wrong. When I bought the fish, I also incorporated some new plastic plants (I don’t like the real ones) and the green from them infested the water. In other words, they “faded”. I had the water checked and other than it looking fluorescent green, it was just fine.

I recently went to the pet store, this past Sunday and explained my story. I had found some baby rabbits that the mother had deserted and tried to nurse them and had them in their own 10-gallon aquarium, without the water, of course. So I had a spare aquarium in our storage building that I had no use for, at the time. The guy at the pet store suggested to give Buzz his own tank, since it seemed that he wanted to be alone and he had been trying to express that, sadly.

So I did the conversion over to Buzz’s new tank and he loves it. I also found out in doing some research on Buzz that he would probably LOVE cooked peas to eat. So I figured he was tired of eating other fish and why not give him something he would prefer? I have tried the cooked peas (just in a can) and he loves them, just as I had been advised.

In the meantime, I also got five new babies…I got a Redwag, a Dalmatian Molly (I named Dr. Spot), a Guppy, a Platy and a Von Rio Tetra. I soaked the plastic plants in warm salt water, which helped to get rid of the rest of the green fading and also salt water washed the gravel to bleach everything without harsh chemicals. I have to add some salt to the water anyway and the pet store said I would be fine as long as I washed everything afterward really well.

I now have five new swimming fishies that are soooo happy! I have sat here on the couch now for hours just watching them swim. Talk about relaxation!! It has been several years since I have seen such active fish! I will be getting some more new babies in about a month after the tank cycles enough and to make sure the water stays in good condition. In a few weeks, I will have Glass Cats (which are totally awesome see-through fish!), a Lemon Tetra, a Black Phantom Tetra, a Head and Tail Light Tetra, Neon Tetras, a Pleco and a Red Eye Tetra. I may end up adding more later but that will be the complete set-up here soon! Stay tuned for their progress!!